Art Imitates Life in 'Only God Can'

From Newport This Week - March 2016

When the new film “Only God Can” opens nationwide March 3, its co-writer, Newport’s Colette Harrington Schwoeri, will not be able to make the premiere.

That is because she will be at Dana Farber getting a life-sustaining treatment. The hospital visit is a reminder of joy tinged with sorrow; during the same week she signed the contract to give her film idea to producers, she was diagnosed with an incurable form of blood cancer.

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“Only God Can” a movie about women and friendship and faith

From the Charleston Post & Courier - Feb 2016

When the women in the movie “Only God Can” talk with each other, they say things like “Let me tell you, one Charleston Heart to another,” then go on to say whatever they wanted to share.

This is a faith-based movie about five women in their 40s who have been friends since their days at the College of Charleston. They call themselves the “Holy City Heartbreakers” and the film begins with them all coming together for a reunion at a splendid beach house not far from Charleston.

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Former Baywatch Star: I'll Never Wear a Swimsuit on TV Again After Finding God

From Inside Edition - March 2016

Former Baywatch beauty Donna D'Errico is leaving behind her famous red swimsuit and is now starring in a faith based film.

“I always get cast with things like the hot mom or the other woman or you know that kind of role, and this role was really different,” she told IE.

She says playing an alcoholic in the film Only God Can was more than a role. She says she took the part in the film because she believed in the film's message.

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