People often ask me: What was my inspiration for writing, Newport Wedding Belles? My last writing project was a Christian movie.  NWB is a romantic comedy that is purely entertaining and without religious undertones. Why did I go from writing inspirational and complex themes to a funny, fast, beach read? Ironically the answer itself is "complex." 
Two years ago, I was diagnosed with leukemia and was sick for an extended period of time. I went for 4 months, laying exhausted in in bed until they found the illness. Next came a year adjusting to the chemo meds.  I became depressed wondering if I'd ever feel well again. I didn't enjoy watching or reading anything which required heavy emotional lifting. I had my own battle to fight - part of which was mental. The challenges of having a potentially fatal disease are not just physical.
One day a friend of mine stopped over to cheer me up and brought with her a load of tabloid magazines. I immediately laughed.  Then we started looking through the headlines and giggling. Over the next few days, I become addicted to publications like the National Enquirer. What a clever gift: a way to escape and get a glimpse into the fabulous lives of the rich and scandalous.
Which got me thinking: I'm a writer, I'm creative. Why am I reading something dubious about who Matthew McConaughey is romancing, when I can write my own version of him, come to life? Hence the birth of Prescott Borden and Sugar Lynn Limehouse. They became my constant companions. 
I spent the next year writing, sometimes up to 15 hours a day.  I was engulfed in the process. I had a girl crush on my own characters. I couldn't wait to read what was going to happen next in the book. They became so real to me that my characters ended up dictating what would happen next. As mystical as this might seem, it's part of the process. At least for me it is. I literally missed my "imaginary friends" after writing "The End." 
If Newport Wedding Belles could keep a sick cancer patient entertained and laughing, my hope is it will do the same for readers. This is my miraculous book because writing it carried me through a dark moment in my life. I'm healthy, joyous, and the cancer cell count in my body is now zero! Thank you God for allowing the gift you gave me (writing) as a way to carry me through a difficult time.
I hope you enjoy reading Newport Wedding Belles as much as I enjoyed writing it.